With over 10000㎡ factory space and more than 15 R&D engineers from Goer/AAC , we are not just experienced in consumer electronic products OEM, but professional in ODM as well. Below are our three major categories of Tyroq products:

TWS earbuds

The core of the TWS earbuds technology is the st

ability, it directly affects the quality and user experience of the TWS earbuds products. Through years of research in earbuds area, we managed to acquire our own technology for the TWS earbuds stability. we build a solid foundation as the leader of TWS earbuds solutions. 


For headset products,we have R&D so many amazing items,like Bluetooth headset,dual dynamic circle heaset,we offer many different options for our client from entry-level to High level,and we also harsh quality control,used high-end and stability solution like QCC to meet customers’higher standard.

AirPods Case

In Tyroq, Innovation always driving us to getting better, base of this,we created one new items for AirPods case products,it’s our private model,now we have two models and more and more models will be released at this year.